North Pole Halloween

The North Pole Halloween party is one that we cover in the news every year. It’s a big deal. And we have been getting a lot of questions about it.

So Frank and Crash decided to sit down in the studios of Kringle Radio to discuss where Halloween comes from and why we celebrate it here at the North Pole.

As you will likely hear in our news coverage the modern day Halloween at the North Pole means a big costume contest for the elves and a massive Halloween party for everyone here at the North Pole. Most famously, this big party usually ends in a food fight.

We never know for sure if that is going to happen. But it usually does.

There will be some news that comes out later this week about the costume contest, including the plans for Santa and Mrs. Claus. They love Halloween especially because it gives them the opportunity to really surprise the elves. They usually do it with their costumes.

But we understand why people have questions. It is easy to know where Christmas comes from but understanding where and why Halloween is from is something else altogether. In this episode Elf Crash answers this question.

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Halloween

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