Secrets of Santa

Secrets of Santa

To understand what is going on in this episode you need to understand the personalities involved.

First, the hostess, Elf Holly Berry, is the very best. She is precise and careful. She intends to do well in everything she does. So I kind of feel bad for what happened to her in this episode. She did her best in a very challenging situation.

It wasn’t her fault.

It was not really the fault of Elf Barbara Wa-Wa either. Elf Barbara is a retired North Pole Celebrity reporter elf. She is famous at the North Pole for interviewing the famous. She has had a storied career in North Pole television and radio. Barbara is also a very close friends of both Santa and Mrs. Claus. She was a brilliant choice for this episode because she is a talker and she knows a lot.

Elf Agent X is hard to blame too. He has a tough job. Keeping Santa safe would be hard for everyone. If he ever makes a mistake, people will know it. In this episode Elf Agent X shows just how careful he is about things.

But this episode is just a mess. A total disaster.

Blame the lawyer.

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Secrets of Santa

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