Things to Know About Reindeer

Reindeer are a special part of Christmas. Santa just could not be Santa without them. But what do you really know about reindeer?

With the late arrival of the reindeer to the North Pole in 2020 a great many questions are being asked. In this episode, news elves Frank Myrrh and Crash Murphy discuss things to know about the reindeer.

Elf Crash Murphy has a unique perspective on Santa’s reindeer. Crash as a news reporter is assigned to trail Santa in his own sleigh pulled by reindeer every Christmas Eve. Crash then reports about it on North Pole Radio News. He knows not only Santa’s reindeer but he has reindeer of his own that pull his sleigh, too.

This episode shares some of the stuff about reindeer that Crash knows and that you don’t. So if you want inside information, this episode is for you.

North Pole Podcast
Things to Know About Reindeer

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