Introducing the North Pole Podcast

Why the North Pole Needs a Podcast

Recording the first episode of the North Pole Podcast was quite the experience.

We tried everything to get it right.

Finally we decided that the elf with the least broadcast experience should host. Elf Crash Murphy, whose primary job is that as the elf who follows Santa around the world to report on his location during his Christmas Eve flight, was ultimately selected.

That is because Crash is a talker. He likes people, he likes conversation and he is easy to listen to.

News people can sometimes be a little stiff. These elves were stiffer than most because they were nervous. Especially Elf Frank Myrrh.

But by the end of the first episode they were starting to get it. We think we are starting something good here.

Please tell us what you think!

Why the North Pole Needs a Podcast

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