Working at the North Pole

Working at the North Pole

Working at the North Pole and becoming an elf is not for everyone.

Elves Crash, Frank and Hugo talk about their experiences in becoming an elf and what it took for them to make it. For anyone who desires the elf life, this is a must-listen to episode.

It focuses squarely on Elf Hugo, whose current elf assignment is working as the postmaster of the North Pole Post Office. It is a big elf job. But it is just one of several he has held.

This episode also features the familiar voices of Elf Crash Murphy, whose elf job is as the reporter who gets to follow Santa every year as he travels to world, and also the voice of Elf Frank Myrrh, a very famous newsman at the North Pole known for his constant radio news updates.

These are interesting elves and this is an interesting episode.

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Working at the North Pole

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